Power Your Fly Cast In The Wind: Video

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Photo By Louis Cahill

When casting a fly rod in the wind, technique always trumps power.

I work with a lot of anglers who struggle to make a good cast in the wind. It’s primarily a mental challenge. Wind has a way of getting into your head. It can quickly turn a good caster into a frustrated mess. If you can keep your wits about you, and your technique solid, you’ll be fine.

Everything matters when casting in the wind. Success is all about fundamentals. Your timing needs to be perfect, your application of power smooth, your stop hard and solid, but there is one thing I see time and again that frustrates anglers in the wind. The tendency to overpower the cast and drop the rod tip. if you can fight that urge, you’re on your way to a good powerful cast.

Watch the video for a couple of tips on powering your fly cast in the wind.

Louis Cahill
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One thought on “Power Your Fly Cast In The Wind: Video

  1. Louis, I couldn’t see your line in the video. Good instructional tips. I also find that dropping my shoulder can help a lot.

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