Landing Big Fish: Video

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Photo by Dan Flynn

Photo by Dan Flynn

So you’ve hooked that fish of a lifetime, what’s Next?

I hear from a lot of anglers who are struggling to land bid fish, especially on their own. It’s definitely a skill that has to be developed and the only way to practice is to catch more big fish. That’s also the only thing that takes the sting out of losing that big boy at the net.

Netting fish is really pretty simple. There are just a few things to remember and once you have them down everything should go smoothly.

4 Tips For Netting Big Fish

Pick your spot.

Always try to work the fish into soft, shallow water where you have the advantage.

Use your reach.

Extend your rod hand behind you as far as possible, with the reel pointing away from you. This puts you close enough to the fish for a good scoop.

Net the head.

Most anglers learn to net small fish by scooping them from behind. A big fish has the power to jump right out of the net if his tail is in the water. He may even be too long to get the whole fish inside the net. If you scoop him head first, he’s got nowhere to go.

Keep ‘em Wet!

Once the fish is in the net, hold him in the water. He’s not going anywhere. Let’s release him in good condition.

Watch this video to see the best way to net a big fish on your own.


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7 thoughts on “Landing Big Fish: Video

  1. Resist the urge to pull just a bit harder at the very very end. Keep pressure steady all the way…………Ask me how I know.

  2. Every year I see guys fishing big tailwater rivers with small stream
    brookie nets hanging on their backs. The end results are often amusing but never good. Carry a net that will get the job done
    and Keep ’em Wet.

  3. Try to keep the fish’s head down until you are reaching with the net. There is typically a lot of head thrashing when it breaches the surface which increases the odds of the hook coming out,

  4. Use to struggle with strong fish in fast water when no soft water was close, then observed a few skilled old hands. The key is using a LOT of side strain to maneuver the fish upstream of you (eventually), even wade a few yard downstream and then net it head first coming downstream.

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