How To Tie The Billfish Knot: Video

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Photo by Louis Cahill

The Billfish Knot is a simple knot for wire leader that will not break.

I use a Billfish Knot almost every time I use wire leader. It’s super simple to tie, taking only a few seconds, it has a small profile and it simple will not break. I use this knot for barracuda, shark, musky, golden dorado and any other species that requires a braided wire leader. 

The only time I use a different knot for wire is when I use single strand wire, which requires a Haywire Twist, or when attaching the hook for a pacu bead. If you are going to catch toothy species, this is a knot you need to know.

Watch the video and learn to tie the Billfish Knot.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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