DIY Emergency Boat Anchor: Video

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Have you ever lost your boat anchor during a day on the river?

If you haven’t, you probably will. Or at least you’ll forget to bring it one day. It can make for a pretty frustrating day of fishing but it doesn’t have to be. There’s and easy and inexpensive way to make an emergency boat anchor.

Keep a basketball net in the boat. It cost $6 and takes up no space. In a pinch it makes a great boat anchor. It could be the best $6 you ever spent. Get yours HERE.

Watch this video and learn to make an emergency boat anchor form a basketball net!


Louis Cahill
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One thought on “DIY Emergency Boat Anchor: Video

  1. I’ve been using stones in a bag for years on the scanoe and yak.

    I have also carried pieces of lead with a couple of links of chain in them to use as “drift anchors”. You can do the same with a piece of gal pipe full of lead with a couple of links of chain out of the end. Put them over the side to slow the drift down. Yes I realise one can’t use lead in the US so you would have to do it with “window sash weights” or similar.

    Cheers BM

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