Concealing your Profile to Catch more fish

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Concealing your profile to fool wily trout. Photo By: Louis Cahill

Sometimes its not enough wearing earthy tone colored clothing or even camouflage to keep a smart wily trout from spotting you.

Most of the time, movement and your profile tips educated trout off. When the opportunity presents itself for you to use the natural terrain to conceal or break up your profile, and it happens to lie right next to a good hole, tuck in behind it and use it to your advantage. Sometimes the extra effort will pay off and you’ll find yourself hooked up with a fish that’s outsmarted most other anglers. Brown trout particularly are notorious for spotting you well before you come close to making your first cast. Remember this when your on water where they’re abundant and take extra effort to move slow and stealthy.

Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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8 thoughts on “Concealing your Profile to Catch more fish

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