Blue Hole Fly-Fishing Setup: Video

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Here’s a simple and incredibly effective setup for catching fish in the blue holes of the Bahamas.

I’m not one of those purist who thinks it’s poor form to deviate from my target species. I like to have fun, and for me, catching different kinds of fish in different ways is part of the experience. One of the coolest things about fishing South Andros, in the Bahamas, is the blue holes. These freshwater vents are perfectly round and can be two-thousand feet deep. South Andros has the highest concentration of them in the world and they are full of fish. You never know what will come out of them.

The problem is, blue holes are really difficult to fish effectively with a fly.

Anglers often leave thinking there are no fish there. There are always fish there but, in a two-thousand foot hole, showing them a fly can be tough. I’ve been fishing blue holes for a long time and I have an easy solution to the problem. It takes seconds to set up and catches fish like a net.

Watch the video and learn to fish blue holes effectively, every time.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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