Better Bow and Arrow Cast: Video

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By Louis Cahill

Here’s a trick you may not know for making longer Bow-and-Arrow casts.

If you love fishing small streams, then you probably know how to make a Bow-and-Arrow cast. It’s not rocket science. But, what if I told you I could show you how to get an extra 6-9 feet with that simple cast?

I couldn’t count the number of brook trout I’ve caught this way ing the mountains of North Georgia and North Carolina. If you don’t know how to make the Bow-and-Arrow cast, or if you’re interested in reaching more water,

check out this video.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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5 thoughts on “Better Bow and Arrow Cast: Video

  1. This is better facilitated with short leader/tippet combos, no longer than the rod itself.
    And watch the fly’s position before “launch,” if your gripping up the leader. They have wicked tendency to take off on their own tangent at departure. Use barbless hooks!
    It can’t be stressed enough that this needs to be taken slow and timing is crucial.
    I do it pretty often, as I’m always in some brushy tangle it seems.
    Be very deliberate when using this method and don’t rush it .

  2. I grab higher on the leaders at times and see an effect similar to a roll cast…idk, works for me when I need more distance.

  3. I grab clear up to the fly line on occasion when I need more distance… I learned that from Joe Humphreys and also you can put a bunch of circles in your leader and line and then shoot that like a bow and arrow when you really need some distance.

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