A Simple Tip For Better Streamer Fishing

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By Louis Cahill

Here’s something simple you can do when fishing streamers, which will catch more fish and save you some pain.

I’ve been meaning to write this tip for years and haven’t because it’s just so simple. But I was reminded of it the other day and figured it was time. No matter what species you are targeting with a streamer, you’ll hook more fish and have a much more pleasant experience if you put your rod tip in the water. It’s a simple trick that accomplishes a couple of really good results.

First off, you’ll get better hook sets.

Putting your rod tip in the water reduces slack in the line and uses the tension of the water to help you get a positive hook set. It’s a natural position from which to point the rod at the fly, insuring a solid connection when a fish eats. You’ll always get better hook penetration with the rod tip in the water.

The second benefit is for comfort, but it also leads to hooking more fish.

Anyone who has fished a streamer knows about line burns. It’s crucial that you maintain control of your fly line by holding it under one or two fingers of your rod hand when stripping. A dry fly line, or worse a sandy one, can be fairly painful, especially on a hook set. Keeping you line wet by keeping the rod tip in the water lubricates it and keeps it clean. No painful burns or cuts. As a bonus, you will hold your line more firmly when it doesn’t hurt you. That will give you a better connection when the fish eats and you’ll hook more fish.

Thirdly, with the right kind of fly line, it actually helps get your fly deeper.

If you use a fly line with a sinking running line, like the Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan, keeping the rod tip in the water breaks the surface tension and helps your line sink faster. In deep water you can press the tip several feet under the surface to really get the fly down.

Give it a try. It will make your streamer fishing more pleasant and productive.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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2 thoughts on “A Simple Tip For Better Streamer Fishing

  1. Louis
    Fundamental, but one tip for fresh and salt that is very easy to teach and for anyone to learn and do from the start. In teaching, “tip in the water” becomes a refrain until it becomes a habit. Also helps with detecting the strike because of the more direct contact with the fly. Works from trout to tarpon.

  2. I agree with Ralph. If your average trout angler learns to do this, then in addition to the benefits you mentioned, the habit of doing “trout sets” when fly fishing in the salt will virtually disappear. Salt water still stings though, so I use line guards on my stripping fingers to make sure I keep those cuts away.

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