Looking Forward for Gink & Gasoline

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Gink & Gasoline Celebrates 6 Months. Photo By: Murphy Kane

We just had our 6-Month Anniversary at Gink & Gasoline, and Louis and I have been blown away by the huge amount of support and feedback we’ve received from our readers and professionals in the industry. It seems like it was just yesterday that I stumbled upon Louis for the first time, fishing one of my secret honey holes swinging a mouse pattern. I’ll never forget seeing that surprised look on his face, like he’d just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, fishing trout water that was already claimed. He just couldn’t help himself after overhearing from a friend a week prior, that I’d landed a legendary brown trout in that very spot, skating a big rodent pattern at dusk. That worried look on his face ended quickly, once he realized I was actually rooting for him to get a big smash and grab of his own.

Since then, five years have gone by, and we’ve become best of friends. We’ve spent hundreds of days fly fishing the Southeast and traveling the country burning gasoline, emptying numerous bottles of Gink on our dry flies, and making new friends. We’ve taken our mutual love for fly fishing and found a common purpose. Our goal being, to spread the word of fly fishing and encourage more anglers to give it a try. We believe in core values that stress the importance of angler camaraderie and ethical fishing practices, of which, we feel are pertinent for sustaining our resources and growing our sport longterm. Although our journey has just begun, we’ve got a clear vision of where we’re headed, and we welcome all our fellow anglers to become a part of the Gink & Gasoline community. With your help we look forward to providing great content for many years to come. Cheers to all who’ve shown their support and we’re honored to have been so graciously accepted in the fly fishing blogosphere.

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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21 thoughts on “Looking Forward for Gink & Gasoline

  1. Always a joy to click on Gink and see what’s been posted for the day. Congrats guys! Great site, awesome tips, and incredible photography. Here’s to another 6 months!

  2. Nice work guys.. Glad I could be a part of it even in just a small way… Look forward to watching you guys grow and grow! Let me know if y’all need anything….

  3. Outstanding website guys – keep up the great work. Your posts on streamer fishing have improved my “streamer game” a significant amount.

  4. Great work guys!

    G and G is always fresh, new, and full of good information. Your styles of writing are excellent and the quality of the photography is unmatched. I’ve really enjoyed the blog since I subscribed a few months back.

    Lookin’ forward to the future of G and G as well!


  5. Louis and Kent,

    I am really enjoying your work on the blog. I remember Louis from our early days as photo assistants. It is great to see you working within your passions. Great stories and tips. I have picked up on several great suggestions already. Keep up the good work.

    Jay Thomas

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