The Scott Sector Saltwater Fly Rod: Video

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Why discontinue one of the best selling fly rods ever made?

If you’re Jim Bartschi, the answer is, because you can make it better. A lot of anglers were stunned when they learned that the Scott Meridian was being discontinued, myself among them. The Meridian was such a leap forward in fly rod design that it seemed destined to be with us for many years. Scott is not quick to rush new rods to market, so I knew there had to be a reason the new Sectoe was being fast-tracked.

By all accounts, I was right. I have to be honest, because of my recent illness, I have not touched a fly rod since June so I have not cast a Sector. Justin Pickett has though and he can’t stop talking about it. The Sector has two new design features. One is new components and the other new materials. Both bring new technology to the world of rod design.

Most rod companies would keep proprietary technologies under wraps but surprisingly Jim explains them in great detail in this video.

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One thought on “The Scott Sector Saltwater Fly Rod: Video

  1. I own three Scott Meridians, an 8, a 9, and an11. I love them and have fished them hard … but reading the reviews on the Sector, I decided to plunge for an 8-weight. TJ Bettis at Orlando Outfitters grabbed the first one he got for me, maybe the first one sold retail in Florida.

    It’s awesome. Enough good that I had TJ get me an 11-weight for tarpon. Again, awesome. These are the best salt-water rods I’ve ever cast. Ain’t cheap. Are great.

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