The New Orvis Helios 3

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If you’ve been living under a rock the last several months, Orvis has a new premium rod.

There’s been a lot of talk and anticipation over the new H3. With good reason, it’s an impressive stick. Built from the ground up with the goal of making the most accurate fly rod ever, the new H3 is impressive in every category. I have cast it in almost every weight from 4-8 and there isn’t a dud in the bunch.

Five years of research and development went into the H3 and it’s an impressive story. In the video Tom Rosenbauer goes into great detail on how the rod was designed and built. Take a few minutes to watch, then get out to the shop and cast the new H3.

Get your H3 here.

Watch the video for all the detail on the new Orvis H3

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5 thoughts on “The New Orvis Helios 3

  1. I’m sure it’s a fine fly rod, but $845? I buy a lot of Orvis gear, I’m wearing one of there dri-release t shirts right now, but come on. I cast one of my customers fly rods yesterday, they paid $149 for the whole outfit, we did upgrade the fly line but it casts and handles line very well. Maybe there is some secondary value for the owner of a latest model premium flyrod or reel but you can buy some really good fishing sticks for less than $300.

    • You can buy great rods for less money. The Orvis Recon is fantastic, built in the U.S. and under $500. When you buy higher price rods that are made in the U.S. you are getting the pinnacle of someone’s time and craftsmanship. There is always something more for less, but there is also something special about the best especially when made in Vermont or Montana by gals and guys that are passionate about the art.

  2. Being a long time Sage fly rod angler, I purchased my first Orvis rod — the Helios 2 — back in April 2015. Prior to buying the H2, I’d done back-to-back cast comparisons with the Scott Radian and the Sage One. It came down to the Radian and the H2. Had money not been an issue, I would’ve walked out of the Fishwest Outfitter shop with both. But the H2 was a little better, and I did have a budget.

    Last Wednesday I brought my H2 5-Weight Tip Flex back to Fishwest to do my own side-by-side shootout with the new Helios 3D. The H3 is lighter than the H2, but for the money difference – I didn’t think the new H3 was worth it.

    Also, Orvis / Tom Rosenbauer is you’re listening — I get it why you did the loud, ‘in your face’ (gaudy) white Helios 3 label on the stick — so everyone within a 1/4 mile radius on a river can see and know it’s a HELIOS 3, but I’m not a fan of the color not the aircraft carrier size of the label. IMHO, it cheapens the overall look of the rod. Makes it look like a tennis racket.

    The H2 is a solid performance rod. The H3 is nice, but it wasn’t a leapfrog advancement in my opinion.

    The RECON is also a solid rod, too — not as nice in finish as the higher end Helios, and not quite as powerful – either. But it’s damn nice if you’re in the under $500 budget bracket.

    • The H2 is for sure a much better looking rod.The slight difference in casting isn’t significant enough for me to want to make the change.Orvis needs to hire someone who knows what a premium rod should look like.I get that orvis wanted these rods to stand out,but the big white label on a black rod is just awfull looking.With that said,the new ultralight waders and boots look very nice..I hope that orvis changes the cosmetics on the h3s at some point..

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