Simms River Camo: Video

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The new River Camo from Simms let’s you dress from head to foot in stealth.

There’s little doubt among seasoned anglers that stealth is an important part of the game. Being able to position yourself as close as possible to the fish greatly increases your chances of a hook up. Simms has taken this idea to heart in this years offering of their  new River Camo.

Not just a fashion statement, the river came was designed to work from the fish’s perspective, breaking up and disguising form and motion when viewed through water. It is available in a wide range of clothing from the industry standard G3 Pro wader to sun gators and gloves. 

Watch the video for all of the details on Simms River Camo.


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3 thoughts on “Simms River Camo: Video

  1. Why all of a sudden is stealth so important. I have a Simms sling pack and it has orange on it. I am not buying this. I think it is just another marketing scheme. I love my Simms waders I currently wear, but I have a tough time believing that the camo waders will help me catch more fish. If this is the case then the fishing industry is years behind the hunting industry.

  2. Awesome! I need to get some of these for those little Appalachian native brook trout. Glad to see these now when I’m planning on replacing my waders. Can’t wait to try them out.

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