Simms G4 Pro Shift Pack: Video

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Here’s a fly fishing backpack with a hidden talent.

The new G4 Pro Shift Pack from Simms makes fishing remote, hike-in destinations a breeze.

It’s always a challenge to carry everything you need for a long day, or two, hiking and fishing backcountry locations. Changing weather and the rigors of hiking require a lot of food, water and gear. Managing it all in a pack that still allows you to fish efficiently is no easy task.

The new Simms Shift Pack is designed to do just that. It’s a fully functional day pack with tons of specialized storage for anglers, including a great fly fishing wast pack that slides easily out the side without removing the pack. It’s pretty cool and very thoughtfully designed.

Watch the video to see all the features of the new Simms G4 Pro Shift Pack.


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3 thoughts on “Simms G4 Pro Shift Pack: Video

  1. Do they fade to Pink like previous bags and does Simms not fully back them? I had a Simms pack that faded to pink and Simms would not replace it with the original pack, but a lesser pack. If I booted in some money they would replace with the original. Not a good company. Doesn’t back their products. Go with Fish Pond!!!!!

  2. I’m very much about free speech. For that reason, I must disagree with the above comment relative to “(Simms) doesn’t back their products”. Personally speaking, Simms has responded to requests for repair, and replacement, in “over the top” fashion. Wouldn’t think of changing hoses mid-stream. Thank you, Simms!
    Ed Filice

    • I would agree with Ed. Simms has always gone above and beyond with all of the customer service and repair requests I’ve had and I have had a couple over the past 15 years or so

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