Simms Challenger Jacket Doesn’t Break The Bank

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The new Simms Challenger jacket and bib deliver Simms quality outerwear at half the price.

This is a huge offering from Simms. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I’ll never pay $500 for a rain coat!” That’s fair. Simms outerwear has never been cheap, though it’s always been the best. The price tag has simply put it out of reach for a lot of anglers, and they have complained. Well, Simms heard you.

The new Challenger series Jacket and bib offer much of the design you get with the Pro Dry products at less than half the cost. $199 for the jacket and $199 for the bib. This should make a lot of anglers very happy.

Watch the video to see the new Challenger jacket and bib from Simms.

Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “Simms Challenger Jacket Doesn’t Break The Bank

  1. I’d suggest the quality of your rain gear depends more on where you fish rather than cost. Early on I paid the equivalent of the $500. model which then kept me dry during all day fishing in rainy, cool coastal Oregon…and lasted for 20 plus years. Today, fishing SW Montana, in summer, I only need something much more superficial. You do get what you pay for, and, for fly fishing (where one arm points upward all day) pay particular attention to wrist gussets (which were not addressed in the video), and which can kill a good day if they allow water down the arm (tight, rubber gussets work well). Cool and awesome don’t keep you dry.

  2. Sounds good, however I have nowhere to wear it in the tropics in Oz where it is 86 on a winters day. I’ll just buy a couple more fly rods.

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