Setting up Skagit Heads and Other Spey Lines

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If you are just getting started in two-hand fly casting, you may be confused about how to set up the lines.

Spey lines are intimidating to the uninitiated with their many parts, options and loop to loop connections but there’s no need for alarm. Spey lines, in both form and function, are much the same as traditional fly lines. Think of them as traditional lines that have been cut into sections with scissors.

What their design offers to the Spey caster is instant flexibility on the river. In a Spey system the running line, the head and sometimes the tip are separate. They serve all the same functions as their counterparts in traditional lines but the caster is free to choose from interchangeable heads and tips to meet his or her immediate needs.

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Watch this video and learn to set up a Skagit Head.

Louis Cahill
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One thought on “Setting up Skagit Heads and Other Spey Lines

  1. Speaking of two-handed casting, Louis, I just listened to the April Vokey podcast with you as a guest. Loved it! You’re an inspirational guy. Keep up the great work

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