Scott F Series Fiberglass Fly Rods: Video

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The new Scott F series is fiberglass with a big difference.

The new F Series rids from Scott are striking in every way. Feather light, ultra-deep loading, and fast recovering, these rods are not like any glass rods I’ve cast before. All of the feel and buttery smooth action you expect from fiberglass but with a precision you don’t see coming. It’s the highest teach fiberglass rod I’ve cast.

With most of the push in fiberglass rods focused either on nostalgia or beast building, it’s really nice to see a rod company take on making a glass rods that’s simply the best it can be. these are small stream rods made for super accurate presentations at short distance. The 4 weight is the heaviest in the order.

“When fifteen feet is a long bomb…” Jim tells me.

These rods have a lot more than fifteen feet in them, but they excel at making beautiful loops with little or no line out of the rod. The video is worth watching just for Jim’s thoughts on small stream fishing.

Watch the video to learn all about the new Scott F Series fly rods.

Louis Cahill
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