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Trout spey is growing more popular every day.

While swinging flies for trout is a fun game that everyone can enjoy, the world of spey fishing is almost opaque to the uninitiated. Single hand anglers trying to learn the dark art of spey often lose years of productive fishing to confession. Fortunately theres a way to shorten the learning curve and take the financial sting out as well.

Single-hand spey casting let’s you enjoy the fun of spey casting and learn the technique using the single hand rods you already own. It makes a lot of sense to learn the techniques before investing in an expensive two-hand rod but getting a setup that performs like it should is crucial. Otherwise, you’re not having fun and you’re not learning.

The key is matching the right line to your rod. Spey lines are more complicated than single hand lines and intimidating to new spey casters. Fortunately there are some very good, short spey lines on the market these days, specifically for single-hand rods. But which one is right for you?

I ran across this article from Echo on exactly that. The folks at Big Sky Anglers in West Yellowstone took the lineup of Echo Skagit Scout lines out for a test drive and put together a great article on how to dial in the perfect setup for successful trout spey.

If you’re curious about trout spey, and wondering how to get fishing without dropping a lot of cash, this article is well worth your time.



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