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By Justin Pickett

Box subscriptions. Little packages of awesomeness delivered to your door monthly. 

Everything from cosmetics, survival gear, dog treats, coffee, and exotic foods can be shipped to you every month with the swift click of a mouse. And, thankfully, there is a box for fly anglers as well.

Post Fly began its journey a few years ago as the first (that I know of) subscription box for those looking for some monthly fly fishing swag. Concentrating mainly on flies, Post Fly would deliver a sweet little box of goodies every month for nineteen bucks. You could count on getting at least a dozen trout flies, as well as a few other goodies like a leader, tippet, a coupon, and a sticker or two. When they first debuted their subscription program I was hooked. Take My Money! My wife had already bought into a couple of these subscriptions and, quite frankly, I was a little jealous every month when her box full of goodies would arrive. But, now I had one of my own!

I remember getting my first little black box of goodness in the mail. After running back inside, I dissected the box and spilled its contents on to my kitchen table. There were the aforementioned extras and a small, plastic container containing this month’s flies. Popping the top, I peered into the cup to see a mangled mess of flies… hmmmm. I poured them out onto the table and sorted the flies by pattern. There were definitely some interesting… ummm… patterns amongst this lot of flies. One in particular that was surely meant to emulate a popular pattern, but in a way that was hard to describe. The flies were the kind that you would likely find in a clearance bin or on a sales rack at Big Lots. I’m not trying to kick ‘em in the balls about it. I recognized that this was a young company with a great idea. I still saw the value and enjoyed getting that box every month.

Fast forward a couple years and those boxes are still flooding mailboxes on a monthly basis, however things are different for Post Fly.

They have been working smart and hard. They have obviously developed some great relationships within the fly industry, and their members are getting some serious bang for their buck. Post Fly has grown from a trout fly subscription into offering boxes for those interested in warm water species, saltwater, spey, and fly tying, as well as offering many other products to supplement your fly fishing wants and needs.

In 2018, they expanded their subscription options to include the new Guide Series, offering double the amount of flies and premium accessories. This past year I opted in on the new Guide Series. For forty bucks I get a box full of flies, as well as some awesome accessories and gear from brands such as Cortland, Fishpond, Finn Utility, Wingo Outdoors, and more. The flies included in each box are vastly different from the flies that were mailed out a few years ago. The quality of the hooks and materials is that of any flies you will find in any respected fly shop. They also offer fly selections tied by various well-known fly designers. Other than the flies, you can count on finding a nine foot leader along with a quirky sticker to slap on whatever your heart desires. Each box also includes their monthly newsletter, The Fly Guide, and a card to identify each fly pattern in the box. 

The options that are available to each Post Fly member make for plenty of opportunity to customize your box to fit your needs, based on species and season. Some of the fly offerings cater to what the fish might be keying on that time of year. For instance, during hopper season you can expect to find some hopper patterns in your box! Going on a saltwater trip? Switch up your subscription for the saltwater box and then switch it back after you return. They also offer fly tying kits for those interested in spinning up their own bugs. You can even shave a few bucks off of your membership by paying in advance. 

Post Fly has grown immensely since they began a few years ago and this is most definitely reflected in their products.

They offer options for just about every angler and every fly fishing need. But, they didn’t stop at just flies and accessories. They have also ventured into rods and reels, but not in the way you might think. They are taking the subscription idea a step further with their sister companies Wade Rod Co. and Pelican Reels. They will ship your rod or reel immediately and simply charge you in equal increments for six months, making quality gear even more accessible to those anglers just wanting to get on the water without breaking the bank. They’ve got just about everything you could need to get on the water, and an affordable way of financing it! I’ve been more than happy with my experience with Post Fly and I recommend any fly angler at least gives them a look. I’ll be enjoying my monthly boxes of goodies for some time to come!

Justin Pickett
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8 thoughts on “Review of PostFly Box 

  1. Recur Outdoors (Post Fly / Wade Rod Co / Pelican Reels) is currently listed on for capital investment. If you are a tribe member like myself. It is a neat opportunity.

  2. This isn’t a review, this is an advertisement. It even sounds like a paid advertisement. How about an actual non-bias, unpaid review of a months box speaking to the quality of the product being paid for?

    This blog has been putting out some sub-par articles lately.

    • I have said this before, we do not accept payment for ANY editorial content. All reviews are our unfiltered opinions. We do not review any products we do not believe in. That’s because we believe there is more than enough negativity in fly fishing. You are proving that point for me here. You will not read about “this or that six!” on Gink and Gasoline. That’s not how we roll. I’m pretty sure Justin pays for that subscription, and if he didn’t, he’d still be honest about it. You can read the G&G review policy by following the link below.

    • A.
      I pay $40/month for the guide series subscription box just like everybody else. Before the guide series came out, I paid $20/month for the original subscription. Also, Postfly was unaware that this review was even published. I even eluded to the fact that I indeed pay for the subscription in the article and specifically spoke about the quality of the flies and gear that comes in each box. Did you actually read this at all? Not sure what else you expect from a review, but if you have anything CONSTRUCTIVE to add, then I’d be glad to hear it.

  3. I’ve been a Tribe member for the last few years. I think the box has been a great value. I have a subscription for tying and all the kits have been great. Instructional videos now are by Tim Flagler (my favorite videos honestly). I recently bought a 3wt rod that I really like. With this post it’s like my holy trinity of fly fishing favorites has come together, Gink & Gasonline, Postfly, and Tim Flagler.

  4. I think, this will be a great choice for a fishing trip. Best design, color, shape, and sizes given to this fishing flies. And one thing, I have seen above, you are talking about paid reviews, what is this, every person has their own opinion what they want to say.

  5. I’ve been getting the trout and bass fly tying boxes as birthday presents from my girlfriend for the past couple years. I love it, and my fly tying has improved drastically. It has forced me to get out of my comfort zone with new materials and techniques. Tim Flagler doing the instructional videos is a big bonus. Highly recommend!

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