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By Bob Reece

I love simple products that solve legitimate problems. 

A couple months ago I wrote a post on the struggles of tippet spools.   Since then, I came across a product that provides a long term solution to some of those issues and more.  

During my guiding days each year, I use up countless meters of tippet.  During the numerous reaches to my spools each day, there is one frequent hassle that arises.  The free end of the tippet escapes the metal O-ring of the elastic band. My tippet then becomes hidden or exposed to the cutter that is built into the spool.  A new product called Pro Bands, solves this problem.  These one piece silicone bands are designed to fit snuggly around your tippet spools.  Different sizes are available for the different brands of tippet.  The bands do not slide, slip or rotate around the spool.  By replacing the traditional elastic band, the free end of the tippet is held on the side of the spool opposite the built in cutter.   The grip of the silicone ensures that it remains on that side for all subsequent uses throughout the life of the spool. 

In addition to their holding power, Pro Bands protect the tippet from both water and UV radiation.  This prevents rotting and breakdown of the material.  Unlike elastic bands, the Pro Band itself does not stretch or loosen with use.  This fact allows anglers to use the same set of Pro Bands continuously as spools are used and replaced.  

Their multicolored design allows for easy organization.  By placing the bands in whatever order you chose, their colors serve as quick indicators of the tippet size.  This saves the time of reading faded labels printed on the traditional elastic bands when your spools are stacked together. 

The integrity of your tippet material can often be the difference between landing or losing the fish of your dreams.   As a result, it’s important to take what measures we can to protect this connecting element.  The creation of Pro Bands supports progress in this step as we work to increase fish-to-net success. 


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5 thoughts on “Pro Bands

  1. These are awesome, but, if you thread the end of your tippet through the rivet of the elastic band that comes with the spool, I think you will be even more satisfied. Makes dispensing very easy, and finding the end of your tippet is a snap.

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