New Sonic Pro HDZ waders from Redington

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“HDZ” as in Heavy Duty Zip-front.

Redington is no newcomer in the wader market. This year they have upped their game in terms of performance and durability with the Sonic Pro HDZ. A sharp looking wader with a laundry list of features and new beefy materials. Convenience, performance and durability, what else do you need in a wader?

Watch this video to see all of the features of the Redington Sonic Pro HDZ Wader.

Louis Cahill
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7 thoughts on “New Sonic Pro HDZ waders from Redington

  1. Would never buy a pair of Redington again!!!horrible customer service and they don’t back there product!Very disappointed in my experience with this company!

    • Kevin, I have been considering an upgrade from my old ‘off’ name waders as the booties have sprung leaks and are beyond repair. I have been considering Redington but am on the fence due to their one year limited warranty for workmanship defects only. I have seriously been swaying towards Simms as they have a repair program that seems pretty economical. They have a first year ‘Repair on Simms’ and then after they have a low price repair fee program. Yes, Simms is expensive but an American made product that is backed with customer service can’t be beat. I think I just sold myself on these waders… Here are the links for warranty info:


  2. Redington makes very solid under-rated waders. I have had the original Sonics since they first came out about 6 years. Love them! It is finally time to replace them with the HDZ’s. By the way I never ever sprung a leak in the original waders…the booties just wore out after 200+ fishing days on these things.

  3. Hello! I just did a post to Kevin concerning warranty info. These questions are more for Redington as I’ve noticed their waders are creeping up in price and they only back against workmanship (their fault) for one year. Does Redington ever expect to have a repair program like Simms after the one year is up? Why doesn’t Redington make a first year warranty more like Simms and back their waders for other than workmanship defects and do a ‘first repair’ on Redington? To me as a consumer it’s kind of a deal breaker if I’m going to spend $300-$500 on a set of waders and the company only gives a one year warranty that backs against workmanship only. Thanks and please if anyone has any experience with these companies let me know as I have a Christmas gift (waders) coming my way and I want to be sure I make a good decision. Tight lines!!

    • Trevor,
      That is indeed a good question, and something that you should definitely contact and suggest to Redington. Companies only become better and more successful from continuous R&D and by listening to anglers (the consumer) as they provide feedback. Personally, I think you make a great point. Simms has a great warranty program, as well as a group of folks dedicated to warranty claims and repairs. The quality and warranty is the main reason why I own a pair of G3’s (going on my 4th year). If you get the time to do so, give them a shout and let them know what you think. They’d sure like to know what they might be able to do in the future to get you into a pair of their waders! Thanks for the comment!

      • Justin,

        Thanks for the response! This is why I love this blog. I’ll definitely shoot Redington an e-mail as I believe they are missing out on sales. It looks like I’m going for some Simms this Christmas. My buddy has a pair and they seem like some high quality durable waders. Thanks again man and tight lines!! -Trevor

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