New Simms G-3 Technical Jacket: Video

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The most popular piece of outerwear in fly fishing just got better.

The Simms G-3 jacket is a workhorse and almost a uniform for fly fishing guides everywhere. There’s a good reason for that. These jackets not only perform, they last. Any one who fishes knows that foul weather means great fishing but it doesn’t mean you have to be miserable. A good jacket keeps you comfortable and focused on fishing and gives you easy access to the gear you need.

The new G-3 has a clean, snag free design with all of the pocket space built into the interior of the jacket. It has just as much storage as the classic G-3 but nothing to catch line.

Watch the video for all the details on the new Simms G-3 Jacket.


Louis Cahill
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2 thoughts on “New Simms G-3 Technical Jacket: Video

  1. Stellar products first off. For me though and perhaps most this jacket is perfect, from the neck down. The hood and the high zip up collar are a real cumbersome pain in the ass, bulky, annoying, and most time unecesary. Granted if you are a guide and stranded on a boat in sideways weather, certainly this jacket is ideal. Otherwise for the average fisherman it’s way overkill from the neck up. If it’s lightly raining all day and you are wading and bush wacking the neck and hood are just a drizzle catching color face poking noise making nuisance. On average the wafer in sideways weather seeks a pause from full exposure. Granted like I said there are times one is trapped but the truth is that is far and few compared to the regular fisherman. Roll the hood up? Now you have the heaping wade of noisy fabric all up on your neck all day coupled with sipping down the collar enough to get that out of your face and it’s just downright useless for inclement fluctuating light weather. For extremes this bad boy is awesome but to carry extreme features when they are regularly not needed is, once again, overkill and it Simon my drives the price up. I have the older model and use it but leave it behind when I know the weather is average, some rain, some sun, some wind, all manageable with a less encombering version and a good hat.

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