New G Loomis IMX Pro Fly Rods Focus on Fishing Specifics

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IMX Pro fly rods are made for the working guide.

G Loomis has taken a really interesting approach with the new IMX Pro rods. They’ve designed rods for specific fishing circumstances that guides, and hard core anglers, find them selves in with regularity. If you know how you want to fish, chances are Loomis has a rod for you.

The IMX Pro is available in a variety of lengths and weights, single hand and spey. I had the chance to cast several of them at IFTD and was very impressed. These rods are light-weight and powerful with smooth actions. Best of all the IMX Pro rods come in at an attractive price. $495 for single-hand.

In this video Steve Rajeff takes us through the IMX Pro models and features.


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2 thoughts on “New G Loomis IMX Pro Fly Rods Focus on Fishing Specifics

  1. I had the opportunity to cast two models. The 9′ 8wt. and the 8′ 6″ 4 wt. both are amazingly light in the hand and have a fantastic load and pick up. At this price range I can only wonder what changes the competition will counter with. I bought the 11′ 11″ 3 wt trout Spey but there is no grain window written on the rod. Going to try a Rio skagit max short in a 275 grain

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