New fly rods and reels from Sage

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It’s a big year for Sage.

The folks on Bainbridge Island have been hard at work this year. The X rod is a huge product launch for Sage and deserving of the hype surrounding it. The line of X rods is pretty deep and there are some new reels from Sage this year as well. I spent some time with Peter Knox, of Sage, at the IFTD show to go over some of the X models and the new 6200 reel.

Watch this video for more details on the new Sage X fly rod and 6200 reel.

Louis Cahill
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5 thoughts on “New fly rods and reels from Sage

  1. Seriously……….is there any other fishing style you can think of, that redesigns the rods every year? I understand technology changes…………but I think a new and better fly rod every year seems more like marketing than innovation. I love new stuff, but I don’t think any other style of fishing lends itself to so much being new as fly fishing does. It becomes a distraction from being disciplined. It’s all about adding X’s Z’s Y’s ……fast, faster, fastest…….and illusion.

    • If you don’t like the Sage marketing machine, then maybe you can embrace the heavily discounted rods that are pushed out of the lineup each year. I’ll take the Xi3, One, and ZXL at 40% off all day.

    • Not so much in the fishing industry, but if you look towards the archery industry companies like Matthews, Bowtech, Hoyt, etc. come out with new flagship bows for both target and hunting purposes nearly every year.

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