Making  A Rattan Fly Rod Grip, Part 1: Video

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Photo Matt Draft

There’s nothing quite as classic as a well made Rattan grip on a fly rod.

In addition to being beautiful, a rattan grip has a great feel in the hand. It’s the finishing touch that sets off a rod build and makes it just a little different. It’s especially nice on a split cane rod, but great on graphite and glass as well.

Our buddy Matt Draft, of Proof Fly Fishing is here with a great tutorial video on how to make your own rattan fly rod grips. It doesn’t take a lot of experience or fancy tools to ad this beautiful finishing touch to your rod.

Get your rattan grip kit here.


Watch the video and learn to make a rattan fly rod grip.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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One thought on “Making  A Rattan Fly Rod Grip, Part 1: Video

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