Don’t get ripped off!

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Photo by Louis Cahill

By Louis Cahill

The only thing worse than paying too much for your fly fishing gear is having it stolen.

I woke up this morning to a pile of glass by my truck. One of the worst things about living in a big city is the constant presence of crime. Car break-ins are common and, in the scheme of all the horrible stuff that can happen to you, really just an inconvenience. Don’t waste your time telling me that I need to move to Montana. Believe me, I already know but my wife has the best job of her life and is very happy, so we are here for a while, and while we are, we will have to deal with this kind of thing.

You would think that with the ever-present threat of robbery, I would have better sense than to leave thousands of dollars worth of fly fishing rods and reels, and various photo gear in my truck. You’d be wrong. There were at least a dozen fly rods, half a dozen reels and some photo gear in the truck last night when I, and everyone else on the street, got hit. Hear’s the part you might not expect. It’s all still there.

I leave that stuff in my truck for a reason. It’s the safest place I have, because I have a Truckvault.

I wrote a review of the Truckvault after seeing a friends. I wrote another after I got one myself. I felt compelled to write this because that piece of gear payed for it’s self several times over last night. I know how cynical people are. I’m not getting anything for writing this. I’m just really happy that I still have all of my stuff and felt like it was a good idea to share the story.

If you live in some rural paradise, where this kind of stuff never happens, I’m happy for you. If not, you should take a minute to check out the Truckvault. It’s pretty awesome. All of my neighbors and the Atlanta P.D. all thought so this morning as we stood around in the street making lists of missing belongings. For the record, I’m out a phone charger and the cost of a new window. Not bad in the long view. Thanks Truckvault!

You can read my review of the Truckvault here.

Louis Cahill
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2 thoughts on “Don’t get ripped off!

  1. A lot of rural areas have massive drug problems. Knocking over vehicles parked on the side of the road or pull offs in well known fishing areas would be a low risk activity for addicts looking for merchandise that’s easy to convert to cash.

    Especially vehicles of idiots who insist on plastering them with stickers for angling equipment manufacturers and dealers.

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