Build Your Own Fly Rod: DIY Video Series

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Ever thought about building your on fly rod? With this DIY video series you can!

We are really excited to be working with Matt Draft, of Proof Fly Fishing, to bring you this great step-by-step tutorial on building a graphite fly rod. 

Building a rod doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. There are kits available that make it well within reach of most anglers and you probably have many of the tools you need around the house. With the right guidance and a little patience, you can do it.

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as fishing a fly rod you made yourself. Over the next seven weeks Matt will take you through the process step by step and help you up the learning curve to successful rod building. These videos will live on the G&G YouTube channel for your reference any time you need help.

As a special thank you to G&G readers, Matt will be offering free shipping on all of his kits for the next seven weeks. Just use the code G&Gfreeship on his web site.

Today we start with video #1, Rod Building Tools and Equipment. Matt will show you everything you need to build a fly rod at home and you’ll be surprised how much of it you already have.

You will notice that Matt says we plan to give away the rod he builds in the videos. We hope that is still in the plan but since finishing these videos Matt has broken his hand and is out of commission for bit. We will be playing this by ear as he recovers so stay tuned and let’s all wish him a speedy recovery.

Get your Proof Fly Fishing kit here!

Now get building!

Build your own fly-rod DIY video #1

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3 thoughts on “Build Your Own Fly Rod: DIY Video Series

  1. Ah, rod building. I built my first rod 60 years ago. Since then I have built hundreds of them and rebuilt a few game rods in the 80s and 90s. A lot of hours go into a 130 game rod particularly if there is a lot of fancy bindings.

    I have only built two Fly rods and both of those were recently. One is a 6’7″ 10/11wt built on a Samuari SC004 blank with 2 Titanium Oxide stripping runners and 5 single footed Fuji Alconite runners and tip. It is magic in the kayak with a Royal Wulff TT Bermuda Short 2Tone 11wt line. One backcast and shoot line up to 60ft onto a target.

    The other one is built on a Sage Bass II Peacock blank. I have extended the butt so that the overall length is now 8ft. It has three Titanium Oxide stripper runners a 25mm, a 20mm and a 16mm dia and six Fuji Speed runners and tip. There is no line slap and the line hisses as it shoots through the runners. The primary line is a SA Tarpon WF13F. The few folks who have used it want one, however I only build for myself these days. Cheers BM

  2. Glad you had teamed up with Matt at Proof Fly Fishing. Matt is a great guy. He has been super helpful, responsive, and always open to educate others. I also respect that he is not out to make a large profit off of others in the community, but more willing to help others save some money in the pursuit of the building their own rods.

  3. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the comment. Running Proof has been a lot of fun and a big part of it is getting to know customers. I’m glad you have found the videos helpful.

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