Absolute Leader and Tippet From Scientific Anglers: Video

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New SA Absolute leader and tippet boasts the best wet knot strength in the business.

The new Absolute leader and tippet from SA is more than new material. It’s material plus information, working together to make a positive connection to your next trophy. Jeff McGawan, of Scientific Anglers, helps explain what’s new and how to use the new color coded packaging.

Watch the video for all the details on the new Absolute leader and tippet from SA.

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7 thoughts on “Absolute Leader and Tippet From Scientific Anglers: Video

  1. I didn’t hear anything about the testing that led to the knot strength claims. Without that, this is just a biased commercial.

  2. Tying the best (strongest and most reliable) knots correctly using the strongest tippet material is way more important than improvements in wet knot strength from SA. Rio Powerflex Plus is the strongest tippet material and the Double Davy is by far the strongest tippet to fly knot available. Anyone still using an improved clinch is giving that trophy a huge advantage. However, the tippet splicing knot will generally fail before the tippet to fly knot. Nothing beats the Infinity Tippet knot for tippet to leader/tippet for reliability and strength.

  3. The SA rep.didn’t mention the dia. size matching in the tests. It’s easy to get a stronger tippit material by increacing the dia.

  4. Is there anyone else out there that hates the “built in cutters” that SA and some other brands include on their tippet spools?

    I find more often than not I will accidentally nick my tippet as its coming of the spool.

    Seems more like a gimmick than something helpful…

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