2 New Wading Boots From Patagonia

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Patagonia teams up with Danner to make the toughest wading boots ever.

The new River Tractor and River Salt wading boots from Patagonia are not like any other wading boot on the market. Even from a distance you can spot the rugged look of classic Danner construction. Made in Portland Oregon, these boots’ with their leather uppers and stitched on soles, have a pedigree that goes back to the Marine Corp. 

The idea behind these new boots is that they could be the last wading boots you need to buy. They are built, not only to last, but to be repaired. The construction allows for the boots to be resoled or repaired over time. Patagonia sees this as a plus for environmentally conscious anglers who don’t want their boots being landfilled every year or two. I’m sure there are plenty of anglers who will like that idea, and plenty who won’t care, but there is no downside to a boot that lasts.

There are two models to meet your fishing needs. The River Tractor is a classic cold water boot, designed to be worn over waders and is offered with the option of aluminum traction plates. The River Salt is a wet wading boot that’s light and built to hold up to trail hiking and sharp coral for the flats angler.

Watch the video to learn all about the new wading boots from Patagonia.

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One thought on “2 New Wading Boots From Patagonia

  1. Thanks for this, I’m super interested in these boots. BUT, I’m very curious about what the warranty from Patagonia will be like. I’m not opposed to sending them to Danner for repairs, but if it wears out over the years such that it can’t be repaired, how will Patagonia respond? Will it have a true lifetime warranty, as the marketing strongly suggests?

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