Tim Rajeff Fishes Two Fly Lines On One Rod

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If you think you’ve seen everything in fly-fishing, check out this video with Tim Rajeff.

Want to catch twice the fish? Try fishing twice the line. OK, obviously this is a joke but it’s also an overt display of casting skill. Not satisfied with with being one of the worlds greatest fly casters, Tim Rajeff has actually learned to cast two fly lines at once, with a single rod.

I don’t know of any practical application for this technique, but it’s amazing to watch. If you struggle to cast one line without a tangle, watching Tim Place two flies, side by side, without a hitch might make you scream. If you figure out who to catch two fish at once doing this, please send us a photo!

Watch this video to see Tim rajeff being a badass.

Louis Cahill
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2 thoughts on “Tim Rajeff Fishes Two Fly Lines On One Rod

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