The Video Doesn’t Lie

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By Bob Reece

Over the numerous years that I played football, I watched countless hours of practice and game film.  One truth always reigned.  Your performance was never as good or as bad as you believed it would be.

After a recent back packing trip I sat down at my computer to review some of my footage.  One of the clips was a side shot of me casting.  While the rear portion of my casting range was sound, the forward portion of that particular cast was flat out sloppy.  My forward plane of motion traveled down instead of parallel to the water.  In addition to this, my stopping point prevented my rod from effectively loading into my back cast.  Having seen video of myself casting on numerous occasions, I was a little surprised and disappointed.  However, it was helpful to be reminded that when I lose focus on the water, my cast is not always what I assume it to be.

You may not carry camera gear with you on your fishing journeys.  Chances are though, that you have a cell phone with you at home and on the road.  Taking a moment to record a few minutes of your casting motion can provide valuable feedback.  While it’s no substitute for a quality casting instructor, this brief bit of footage can help you clean up your presentation and make the most of your time on the water.

Next time you’re bored in the back yard or with your buddies on the water, record some footage of your casting.  It most likely won’t be as good or as bad as you expect.  Though it will serve as a positive step toward sharpening your fly fishing skills.


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6 thoughts on “The Video Doesn’t Lie

  1. Video is powerful – especially with some apps to play 1/8th speed that allow you to draw on the screen. I can tell someone they are stopping the rod to low but when they see – it they believe it and make the changes – done!

    • I agree, I do that with clients from time to time. They’re blown away by what they think they’re doing compared to whats actually going down.

  2. Great Post! On a recent fishing trip to Colorado, I discovered that my ability to double haul was more than lacking. Thanks for giving me this idea! I think a little backyard casting with a video camera is on the docket for this evening.

  3. A general comment on G&G site.

    Thanks for a new post every day, it keeps me coming back every day to see what the post is for today. Second, thank you for no annoying pop-ups or other web marketing slop that gets in the way of a great web site experience.

    I’m sure coming up with a new post every day is a huge project but thank you for making the effort.

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