The Snap-T Cast With 2-Hand Rod: Video

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Photo by Louis Cahill

Photo by Louis Cahill

The Snap-T cast is an essential for any 2-hand angler.

You really only need to know a couple of casts to be an effective angler with spey or switch rods. One of the casts you just can’t live without is the Snap-T. This easy and powerful cast lets you launch the fly when the current is off your casting shoulder. It generates the power needed to cast heavy sink tips but works equally as well with light dry lines.

Watch this video to learn the Snap-T cast for 2-hand rods.


Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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4 thoughts on “The Snap-T Cast With 2-Hand Rod: Video

  1. Louis, what’s the difference between a snap T and a snap C? You describe the setup as a C shaped motion, which is pretty much how I’ve been doing it. But someone on the water told me I was doing it all wrong… that it was a more abrupt downward motion from the slow raised position.


  2. Thought I would put in my 2cents, The difference in the two is minimal. In a snap “T” I use is the more abrupt snap down and to the left to assure the fly will not contact the rod. This may also land the fly closer to you, of course it all depends on the length of the head outside the tip and how fast the water is moving. The rise of your rod depends on the type of fly line. You need to get the line up and on top of the water, so if you are using a sink tip or heavy flies, sometimes you need to roll out then raise it up and snap down. It’s all about how it feels for you and rod position, Most people I see need to slow down.

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