Stacking Running Line For Better Spey Casting: Video

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How do you shoot a hundred feet of running line without a tangle?

It’s easier than it sounds. There’s a very specific technique for stacking running line when spey casting. When it’s done right, everything comes off without a hitch. If you are learning to cast two-hand rods, it’s a skill you’ll need to learn pretty quickly. It’s challenging to write about, so here’s a video, which should make it pretty clear.

Watch the video and learn to stack line for better spey casting.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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One thought on “Stacking Running Line For Better Spey Casting: Video

  1. Appreciate the tip, but the camera angle switched right at the cast!

    Would have been nice to see how the line comes out of the holding hand.

    The hand flip was something I never would have thought of before.

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