Competition Casting Tips From Tim Rajeff

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Whether you want to be a winning competition caster or just want more distance for your fly fishing, Tim Rajeff has some tips for you.

When Tim decided he wanted to beat his Brother Steve, the reigning world casting champion, he had to learn a whole new way of casting. Because the two brothers have dramatically different builds, it follows the they would have completely different casting strokes.

In this video Tim shows you two casting styles common in competition casting and discusses how you might determine which is right for you. He covers the pluses and minuses as well as throwing a couple of impressive bombs for your viewing pleasure.

Watch the video for competition casting tips from Tim Rajeff.

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4 thoughts on “Competition Casting Tips From Tim Rajeff

  1. I’ve been comparing golfing and loading a fly rod for many years. I’m glad Tim mentioned that. Having played golf a lot longer then fly fishing helped me understand the physics and loading of a fly rod. The other thing he mentioned was the Lefty technique. Lefty’s technique also puts less strain on the shoulder and is not as tiresome as the overhead, thus allowing more casting thru the day. Sometimes you have to know the overhead esp. in salt where you never know where the target pops up. Excellent discussion by Tim for a short video.

  2. It would be interesting to hear more about matching lines and rods that fit each casting style. I have a very open Euro style casting stroke and I love fiberglass rods and long belly lines. They seem to fit my style of casting very well. I can fish fast rods and shooting head style lines, but they don’t feel good to me nor appropriate for my casting style.

  3. The usual no nonsense, get on with it, yet friendly, style of presentation by Tim Rajeff. Great what he can pack in less than 3 minutes. There’s still so much to explore in the world of casting.

  4. He’s the skinny brother? Not saying he’s fat but he’s a pretty large guy. His brother must be built like a water heater.

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