Saturday Shoutout / Oregon Done

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50 fish in 50 states, like George Thorogood with a fly rod.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Neil and Chris Thomas on the Deschutes. You couldn’t ask for a nicer or more enthusiastic couple of folks to share a run with. Neil and Chris have set a goal for themselves to catch a fish on the fly in each of the 50 states in the next 5 years. I knew they were doing it right when they took on the task of catching an Oregon steelhead on a swung fly as one of their first outings.

I didn’t know until later that Neil is chronicling the adventure online. He sent me a link to the post about the Deschutes trip and it’s really good. I love that it is such an authentic and organic endeavor. Just a great couple, having a blast catching fish on the fly. I look forward to following along, and I look forward to seeing them when they make it to Georgia!

Enjoy, “Oregon Done”


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