Mr President, You are Officially Invited to Go Fishing

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You buy the gas, I’ll buy the beer! Thanks, Moldy Chum for finding this great photo....

Get Your Hike On For Wild Trout

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It’s August and it’s safe to say that we’re in the dog days of summer. Fishing conditions are tough and the only really good fishing for trout right now is the first and last couple hours of the day. Do what I do this time...

Beat the Heat

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With the worst heat wave in recent memory in full swing, wouldn’t this feel good right about now? Murphy  Kane of Bent Rod Media, caught taking a break form some epic steelheading last December.  We fished for a week and the warmest it got was...

Your GPS Might Be Trying To Kill You

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I’ve said a hundred times that my iPhone will be the death of me. I always thought it would end with me texting while driving ninety five miles an hour. But apparently Hal has something more sinister up his sleeve....

Ink for the Gink

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One of my favorite fly fishing tattoos. Zack Dalton, of Rio, has no problem committing to his home water in Idaho. Louis Cahill Gink & Gasoline