Secrets of Alaska’s Best Guides

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What does it take to be a bad ass Alaska fly fishing guide? Let’s dig around in Whitney Gould’s pocket and find out! Looks like some twenty pound mono, misc tying materials, candy wrappers, a Thing-a-mabobber, a cool heart shaped rock, an empty Pepto pack...

Who’s Cooler, Hickman or Kirk?

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We can’t decide so you tell us what you think. James Kirk has banged every alien from here to Alpha Centauri. On the other hand Jeff Hickman could only look cooler in this steelhead hat if he stole it right off the head of Nick...

Sometimes You Have to Go Big or Go Home

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     Sometimes to catch fish on top you have to go big or go home when choosing your dry fly pattern. If you’re fishing high water and you’re wanting a better shot at tempting a trophy trout into rising up from the dark depths to...

The Fisher at the Gates of Dawn

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Syd Barrett Dan Flynn does the misty mountain hop in the early A.M. on Rock Creek. Not that Rock Creek, the other Rock Creek. Coming soon: “Several Species of Trout Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict” & “Careful With That Rod...

You Brought a Rain Coat, Right?

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Better put it on, and rain pants, and a hat, and, hell just put your waders on! Louis Cahill Gink & Gasoline