Make The Straight Line Practice Rod: Video

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By Louis Cahill

Here’s a video on how to make a simple tool that will take your fly casting to a new level.

A few weeks back I shared a video on how to “Stop Dropping Your Rod Tip Once and For All.” In that video I show you how to use the Straight Line Practice Rod. It’s a brilliant tool, shown to me by my buddy Tim Rajeff. It’s the most effective way I have found to help anglers understand the straight line rod-tip path, the secret to making clean, tight loops. The video was very popular, but there was a problem.

In the video, I mentioned that I though Echo Fly Rods sold this thing on their sight. Echo was flooded with calls and emails asking for it. Apparently I was wrong. Since they don’t sell a version, I decided I had to make a video showing how to make one yourself. It’s incredibly simple and you can do it in your kitchen. If you take the time to make a Straight Line Practice Rod for yourself, I promise you will see a difference in your fly casting.

Watch the video and learn to make the Straight Line Practice Rod.

Watch the vide “Stop Dropping Your Rod Tip Once and For All.”

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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5 thoughts on “Make The Straight Line Practice Rod: Video

  1. This thing is cool, I spent less than 5 minutes practicing on this contraption around the campfire and noticed my casting form improved the next day.

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  3. FYI, I did not have any broken fly rods. I do have graphite golf clubs I won’t ever use. I cut a driver shaft above the grip and it works GREAT! I think this is a great use for golf clubs!

  4. Made one for our project healing waters group. Will see how well it improves their casting skills. Thank you

  5. When you cut carbon fiber with a saw you should spray rubbing alcohol to stop the carbon dust from getting airborne and breathing it or getting in your eyes.

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