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Photo by Louis Cahill

Photo by Louis Cahill

Gink and Gasoline hosted fishing trips are a great way to make new friends and up your game on the water.

_DSC1688I put together several trips a year to fish with G&G readers and share some of the best water I know. They are more than great fishing trips, they are meetings of fun, like-minded anglers. A chance to share information, stories and our passion for fly fishing. I host these trips myself and am there to help you have the best trip possible.

There’s no catch, no hidden fees. You pay the same amount you’d pay to fish these location any day of the year. Want to know more about how the hosted trip program works? You can find all the details HERE.

DSC_2962The next two trips on the calendar are the famous South Andros Bonefish School and Deschutes Steelhead Camps. These are two of our most popular trips with anglers returning year after year. Don’t wait. Shoot me an email at for more info or to reserve your spot. I’m happy to help any way I can. It’s my job to put you on fish.

Shoot me an email to for more info or to reserve your spot.


Clackamas River Winter Steelhead Retreat Mar 26-30 2017 $2750

Photos by Louis Cahill

Here’s your chance for some next-level steelheading. March 26-30 2017.

The annual G&G Deschutes River Steelhead Camp has quickly become one of our most popular events, and it’s no wonder. Not only is the trip a blast but it has helped a lot of anglers really up they’re steelhead game and spey casting skills. Now I’m excited to announce a new steelhead trip for anglers looking to experience the next level, winter steelhead.

We will be fishing the Clackamas River near Portland.

DSC_9685-2Thanks to conservation efforts, recent Clackamas steelhead runs have been some of the best in memory, with wild steelhead returning in good numbers. We have booked a prime week! Winter fish are big, strong, and a challenge for the angler. Along with the challenge comes the reward of landing one of the most special fish on the planet. If that sounds like fun, and you’re up for a challenge, I’d love for you to join us.

The trip is arranged and guided by Fish The Swing, and I will be hosting. We will stay at the new Fish The Swing Clackamas River Lodge, right on the river with private bedrooms and a chef preparing meals. We will fish hard and enjoy some great company. There are only 4 spots for this trip, so let me know ASAP if you are interested, or would like more details, at

DSC_7114Guests will arrive Sunday, March 26th between 5pm and 6pm, and settle in for dinner at 7pm. Breakfast will be at first light, then we will walk out front of the house and get into the boats to go fish for the day. Hot lunch will be served on the river unless the weather is bad, in which case we will head back to the lodge for lunch. Dinner at 7pm, and repeat again each day. On the last day (Thursday) everyone will need to have their bags packed before leaving for fishing. You will fish all day then return to the lodge to depart for home/airport.

Rate: 4 nights/4 days is $2750

I look forward to swinging some flies with you!


Abaco Lodge March 6-11 2017 $4250

If you’re looking for the absolute best Bahamas experience available, you’ve found it.

DSCF8727I can honestly say that Abaco lodge is the best fishing lodge I’ve ever visited. On every count it exceeded my expectations. The facility itself is ridiculously nice. Huge single occupancy rooms with big plush beds and fine linens. Luxurious baths with every amenity. Doors that open onto decks overlooking the water. A beautiful pool and fire pit, large covered communal deck with a superb bar. A well-stocked fly shop and a selection of fine cigars.


_DSC8779The whole place shines like a new penny, including the sweet Hell’s Bay skiffs.  Best of all it offers access to the most diverse and productive fisheries in the Bahamas. Anglers can expect great numbers of bonefish as well as quality shots at permit and tarpon. Abaco offers a legitimate chance at the grand slam.

All lodging is single occupancy and the amenities are on par with any luxury hotel. Fabulous meals and a well stocked bar are included. The lodge has it’s own fly shop and a selection of fine cigars. The spotless Hell’s Bay skiffs can be easily trailered to any part of the island, eliminating long painful boat rides. It’s an amazing 4 day 5 night trip.


DSCF7961Travel to Abaco is easy, with some major airlines offering direct flights to Marsh Harbor from the US and the lodge only 10 minutes from the airport. Half days of fishing are possible on arrival and departure days, if your flight schedule allows.

I hope you will be able to join me and the other fans of Gink and Gasoline on amazing trip. Don’t hesitate to email me if you’d like more detailed information about any aspect of the hosted trip program. I’m happy to help in any way. If you’re not sure how hosted trips work, follow this link to learn all of the details.

Learn more about Abaco Lodge HERE.



Andros South Bonefish School / With father-son discount Jan 14-21 2017 Sold Out!

edit-9501This is the popular Gink and Gasoline Bonefish School at the Andros South Bonefish Lodge. It’s geared to get anglers new to the salt up and catching fish in a fun, supportive atmosphere. I do a bonefish 101 class the first night and work with anglers on request the rest of the week to polish your skills and expand your understanding of the game.

Andros-1Are you an experienced angler? No worries, many of the folk who attend are. All the educational stuff is optional. You can come just to enjoy some good company and great fishing.

_DSC3965-2South Andros is an amazing fishery. It’s famous for a reason. Remote and un-pressured you’ll feel a thousand miles from anywhere, just an hour and a half flight from the U.S.  The fish are eager and aggressive, plentiful and sometimes down right huge. This is the real Bahamas and a trip you’ll never forget. No wonder so many folks join us year after year.

Take advantage of the father-son discount and bring your son or dad along for half price. That’s a deal you can’t beat.

Shoot me an email to for more info or to reserve your spot.


Andros South JAN 14-21 2017

7 night / 6 days for $3600 per/person.

We offer a ‘father/son’ discount in the Fall, receive one of the trips at half price.

The trip total for you and your son would be $5400.

Included are transfers to and from the Congo Town airport, single-occupancy lodging (you both get your own rooms), guided fishing with 2 anglers per boat, food, all drinks including beer wine and liquor, loaner gear and flies.

Your only additional costs during the trip are travel to the island, Bahamian 4% VAT and gratuities for the staff.

I hope you will be able to join me on one of these great trips. Shoot me an email to for more info or to reserve your spot. 

How Do Hosted Fishing Trips Work And Is It Right For Me?

I promise you, this is not going to be a sales pitch but a full disclosure.

A good friend of mine suggested I write this. A good friend who, as it happens, I met on a hosted fishing trip. It’s funny how that works. As I think about it now, there are a whole lot of folks, who I call good friends, who I met on hosted fishing trips. Guys who have turned out to be life long friends and fishing buddies. Some of them are now contributors to G&G. Tim Harris and Johnny Spillane for example. And friends like Scott McKenzie, who I talk to almost every day.

Scott gets a good one!

Scott gets a good one!

Before I ever went on one of these trips, I had a very different idea about what they were. Many of these trips are based around fishing lodges and, like a lot of guys, I thought of lodges as being stuffy, elitist deals where I would have nothing in common with anyone. And I still think lodge fishing can work out that way a lot of times. What I didn’t get at first is that the hosted trips are a way around that. A way to insure that you connect with the guys you’re fishing with.

I learned to host trips from my buddy Bruce Chard. Bruce does a great job and I started going along with him to co-host trips in the Bahamas. I don’t know if I was much help at first but it was sure a lot of fun. It always seemed to be such a great crowd. Finally it struck me. The reason the groups of guys who came on those trips were so awesome is because Bruce was awesome, and they were all guys who loved to fish with Bruce. There were guys still coming on Bruce’s bonefish school for ten years running. The host is there to teach, but these guys weren’t there because they had anything left to learn about bonefishing but because they had all become great friends.

Ryan Thompson wades in Nov 2014

Ryan Thompson wades in Nov 2014

Imagine that you have ten fishing buddies who have the same interests as you and they are willing to go on any epic fishing adventure you can think up.

That’s kind of what it’s like and after a while, that’s kind of what it is. In a couple of weeks I’ll be joining a group of guys for a week of tarpon fishing. One of the guys has a home in Florida and has generously offered to host the group. It’s not a hosted trip, but that’s how we all met.

4 X world champ Whitney Gould teaching

4 X world champ Whitney Gould teaching

I think it’s true that a lot of folks don’t understand how hosted trips work. Let’s say, I’m hosting a trip to the Bahamas, because I am several times a year. It costs you the same thing it does to go to the lodge without me. There is no additional charge, so how does that work? And I’m giving away rods and reels and lines and clothes. A lot of guys look at that and go, “what’s the catch?”

 Their really isn’t a catch.

Jose's Bar

Jose’s Bar

The fishing lodge business is tough and the lodge sees value in me exposing new folks to their service. They pay me a small commission. Usually enough to cover my tips and air fare. I help the lodge staff make everyone’s trip as good as possible. Happy clients means return business. Basically, I sing for my supper, which is how I manage to do a lot of awesome fishing. G&G sponsors donate gear because they see value in the G&G community.  The way I make it work financially is to take photos, which I sell to folks like Simms and Orvis. It’s complicated but I eventually make a modest living.

 So why should you come on one of these trips? Again, not a sales pitch.

• I do a lot of the leg work for you.

Jeff Forse with AK Bow

Jeff Forse with AK Bow

Before I ever host a trip anywhere I get to know the operation and the fishery. I don’t want to take a group of guys somewhere that turns out to be shady or have marginal fishing. I get to know the guides so I can match them to the right anglers. Destinations don’t  always work out. That means I make the mistakes so that you don’t have to. I’m there when you’re packing or buying flies or booking flights to help you make it a great trip.

• I bring travel experience to the table.

In the process of putting these trips together I have learned a few things. Like, you can’t carry a fly rod or reel onto an airplane in Argentina. Or when your bags don’t show up at the airport in Nassau, you need to call someone on the island to go sit with them while another plane goes to get them because the airport closes after the plane leaves and your bags are sitting out front unattended.

Aleks renshaw gets a Dolly on tenkara

Aleks renshaw gets a Dolly on tenkara

• I help you become a better angler.

I’m not trying to play the expert. I have some skills and experience and I’m happy to share them. I like teaching people to fly fish. I get folks involved who feel the same way. We learn from each other. On our last trip to the Bahamas the best casting clinic we had all week came from my buddy Michael White. It was one of those moments that just clicked for everyone. It was awesome!

Andy Bowen's first day spey casting!

Andy Bowen’s first day spey casting!

• G&G attracts the right people.

Deschutes Steelhead

Deschutes Steelhead

For me this is the whole point. I know too many guys who have had miserable trips because the group they ended up with sucked for one reason or another. When Kent and I started G&G the word that kept coming up was community. We wanted to create a place for a community of like minded anglers. We had no idea how many of you there were, out there looking for the same thing. That’s been the big payoff for me. Getting to meet and fish with that community. That has been amazing for everyone.

Ok here’s the sales pitch!

I’m not very good at making sales pitches so I’m just going to share an email I got this morning from John Hamilton, who joined me on the last bonefish school in the Bahamas.

AK 2014

AK 2014

“I wanted to thank you again for being such a gracious host / instructor during our time in South Andros. Reid and I both could not have asked for a better trip — in large part thanks to time you dedicated to answering our numerous questions and to teach us about everything from strip setting to casting to tying flies and leaders. I speak for both of us when I say that we learned more about fishing in our one week at South Andros than we have in our entire lives previously. It is easy to see why the island and the people there hold such a special place in your heart – it truly is a remarkable place filled with wonderful people, so thank you for sharing it with us.” – John Hamilton

And from Scott McKenzie,

“Also, as someone that has been traveling fishing for 25 plus years, now my preference will always be to go on hosted trips especially to those special places like Alaska, Bahamas or the like.”

We have a couple of great G&G trips coming up.   email for details

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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