Graphite VS Fiberglass With Tim Rajeff: Video

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What’s the difference between graphite and fiberglass fly rods?

Most fly rods, these days, are made of carbon fiber but a generation ago fiberglass was king. Today glass rods are making a strong resurgence, and with good reason. There are some benefits to fishing a fiberglass fly rod but how do you know if it’s the right tool for you?

In this video Tim Rajeff explains the different actions and the pluses and minuses to each. He tells you why he fishes mostly fiberglass rods and demonstrates a crazy feat of casting skill by casting a graphite rod and fiberglass rod together in one hand.

Watch this video to learn about graphite vs fiberglass fly rods from Tim Rajeff of Echo.

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9 thoughts on “Graphite VS Fiberglass With Tim Rajeff: Video

  1. I remember growing up in Penna, with no flies hatching, we fished 3 wet flies with 2 on droppers. Different patterns or sizes and it made searching for what worked at the time. With a fiberglass rod it made casting smooth and possible. Trying to cast three flies or even two with graphite difficult but not impossible. On a windy day, forget about it. And while we’re at, how about you manufacturers make some rods and blanks TWO piece? Four piece rods are a bitch.

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