Sunday Classic / Dealing With Stuck Ferrules, the Smart Way

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Watch the video!

Years of fishing bamboo rods taught me one thing for sure. Stuck ferrules are as unavoidable as the occasional skunk and that holds true for graphite. Sometimes it’s avoidable but often it’s not. What is totally avoidable is damaging your rod in the process of unseating them.

Often it’s as simple as getting a good grip on the rod. When a rod is wet it’s easy for your hands to slip and strip off or bend snake guides as they go. When you get a good grip on the rod you find the ferrules were not as tight as you thought. I carry a pair of latex gloves in my pack for that purpose. The latex gets good traction even when the rod is wet, making unseating the ferrules much easier.

When ferrules are stuck and more force is needed there are a couple of options. Most folks know the trick of holding your hands high and pulling them down behind your head. This lets gravity and the natural rotation of your shoulders work together to pull the ferrules. You can also put the rod behind your knees and push out on your forearms with your legs. Both of these methods work, sometimes.

When ferrules are really tight

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Saturday Shoutout / 30 Reasons

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A remarkable film about love, loss and true spirit.

Imagine yourself paralyzed from the chest down, without even the use of your fingers. Would you have the resolve to find a way you could cast a fly? Would you have the determination to learn to fish again? Would you have the courage to make a list of 30 species of fish and set out to catch them all?

This is am inspirational trailer for a film in the works. It’s well worth your time. You can learn more and help support the cause at

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Finn Utility, Smart Design, Quality Production

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Finn utility is one of the most unique brands in fly-fishing.

I always love seeing what Ryan McDonald has been up to. I know there will be something new that I’ll fall in love with. This year it was the brilliant new tube fly wallet. It’s quickly become my key piece of gear for steelheading.

There’s plenty of other great stuff from Finn, including gear for spey and tenkara anglers. As always, you’ll not find higher quality anywhere. If Finn can’t make it the best, they simply won’t make it.


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Let it ride

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By Daniel Galhardo


It takes some time to learn how to read water well. But, at least when it comes to fishing mountain streams, the concept is easy to grasp: fish are looking for food and shelter, and don’t want to spend a lot of energy looking for food. Currents bring them food, slow water and breaks in the current gives them shelter. With that in mind we quickly learn that seams where current meets calm water may be the best places to target with our flies.

Once we learn this basic piece of information, we all want our fly to land with 100% accuracy where we suppose fish will be. But, hey, sometimes it won’t!

In recent days I have been taking a lot of people fishing. Most were new to fly-fishing and to tenkara. After giving them some basic instructions on how to open the rod, how to tie the line to the rod tip and tippet to the tenkara line and then tie the fly onto it, I would teach them how to cast.

It’s been said that anyone can learn how to cast with tenkara in a matter of minutes. I have found that on average it takes 7 or 8 casts to learn how to cast with tenkara fairly well, and I’m not exaggerating. But, like anything, it takes time to get the tiny fly to land exactly where they want. If I had to guess, I’d say that in the beginning about 70% of their casts will land in the vicinity of where they wanted. Perhaps 25% will land just off the target zone. And, of course, about 5% will land on the trees in front or behind them, but that’s a different article for a different day.

The 25% slightly off-target casts is what I’m interested in making a point about. Actually, it doesn’t matter if it’s 25%, 50%, or even if you’re

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Limit False Casting to Improve Your Casting Stroke

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When we first start out fly fishing and we’re still learning the mechanics of the casting stroke, it’s very common for many of us to make excessive false casts in between our presentations. For some of us, excessive false casting is an excuse to impart quality control during our fly casting, for others, we justify it for the simple fact that we just love casting a fly rod. Whatever the reasons may be for excessive false casting, it needs to be kept in check, if anglers wants to fly fish at their best. If you’re currently in the beginner or intermediate skill level range, one of the best ways to take your fly fishing to the next level, is to make yourself minimize your false casting on the water.

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Sunray Fly Lines: Something Different

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By Justin Pickett

Louis has disappeared… which isn’t crazy uncommon during the madness of IFTD, so Murphy and I find a quiet spot to place the tripod and the 50lb suitcase filled with video and audio gear as we listen…. No trademark Louis Cahill laugh to be heard. Where the heck did he go? We’ve got shit to do!

As I make my way around the far end of the second casting pond, something catches my eye. It’s a guy, nimbly hopping around, making casts, and seems to be speaking emphatically about whatever it is that he’s holding in his hands. My curiosity pulls me in that direction and I soon notice that Louis is standing off to the side of the casting pond, nodding, and seemingly listening intently to what this guy is preaching. As I make my way a bit closer, I realize that the gentleman that has stolen Louis from our interview-filled schedule is Tom Bell, owner/fly line designer of Sunray Fly Fishing.

For those that aren’t familiar with Sunray, it is essentially a small, progressive fly line company based in the UK. Their signature fly lines boast “micro thin” diameters that float super high and have very little memory. Tom Bell hopes to help anglers of all skill levels be more successful while on the water with the provided enhancements that he has developed into his batch of fly lines. Tom wanted to create lines that would cast better, float higher, and land with less disturbance on the water, all while catering to a large variety of fishermen. Currently, Sunray Fly Fishing has eleven different lines available on their website, each of which has been fine tuned to excel within various techniques and fishing environments.

Back at the casting pond, my intrigue took over and I had to join in on the conversation. Louis and I spent a good thirty minutes with Tom and a handful of his fly lines. I have to say, we were both impressed with their performance, as were other anglers that we pulled onto the casting pond. The thin diameter of the lines seemed to

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G&G Holiday Gift Guide 2016

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It’s time to put something under the tree for your favorite fly fisher and G&G is here to help.

If you’re like me, you get started on your holiday shopping about the 20th, and things get hairy quickly. Well, if you have a fly angler on your list, we’re here to make your life a little easier. The secret Santas at Gink and Gasoline have been working hard on our lists and checking them twice. Here’s a list of great gear we’ve had the chance to try out this year and think would make a great gift for any angler.

Fly Rods

Orvis Covert H2: This special edition of the Helios 2 is completely blacked out with a matte black finish and labeling, black hardware and guides, and a modified half Wells Flor grade grip. We’ve had our hands on one of these bad boys for a little while now and it’s just as awesome as the original H2, with just a smidge of badassery built in! Only a small batch of these will be made so don’t miss out!

Echo OHS Rod: Give something new a try this season! One handed spey techniques are becoming more and more popular and are an effective way to cover water efficiently!

Echo Gecko: We all want our kiddos to grow up with fond memories of learning to fly fish. That’s why Tim Rajeff developed the Gecko. Built with kids in mind, its full of purposeful kid-friendly features and a flex that makes it easier for the little ones to cast.

Swift Fly Fishing Ready to Wrap Epic Kit: This kit is the! This is the kit for anyone who has ever thought assembling a rod looks too intimidating. This thoughtful kit is put together with the beginner in mind, and is full of quality components and detailed instructions that will have you spinning silk in no time. Not to mention, you’d be building on one of the most badass glass blanks on the planet! Epic ain’t just the brand, it’s the damn truth! These Epic glass rods truly are some of the best fish-whoopin’ sticks on the market.

Winston B3X: Not your father’s Winston. The B3X is a powerful fast action rod with an accessible load. Perfect for saltwater anglers and streamer junkies. High quality Winston components and cork.

Scott Meridian: This lightweight, fast action, saltwater rod is a precision tool. Smooth power transfer and a silky action means accurate presentation in the most challenging conditions. The Meridian is a joy to fish.

G Loomis Asquith: The first fly rod in a while to stand out as completely different. The Asquith’s spiral construction gives it a unique feel and outstanding performance. Extremely light and exquisitely accurate with power to spare.

H2 One Piece 5 Weight: This might be the best 5 weight fly rod I’ve ever cast. Not just as a casting tool but an all-around fishing machine. Perfect loops, mends and just the right mix of power and finesse for fighting big fish.

Sage X: The X is an outstanding rod in both freshwater and salt. Super fast recovery without being stiff. If you like a fast action rod that loads easily and throws streamers as comfortably as tiny dries, you’ll love the X.

Fly Reels

Orvis Battenkill Disc: The beefier Battenkill has arrived! Light on the wallet, yet heavy on features, this reel will put the brakes on just about anything with fins and is available in a great range of sizes that includes two spey models.

Nautilus X series reel: This rare beast is finally showing up on the river and it’s fierce. Ultra-lightweight, rugged and powerful. This reel is a work of art and the perfect fly reel for today’s lightweight fly rods. Nothing lands fish like a Nautilus.

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Sunday Classic / Flat Water Nymphing

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The past few years, Louis and I have grown very fond of one specific pool tucked up in mountains of the southern appalachia. We visit it regularly because of the bounties of trout that it sustains and nurtures year round. We nicknamed it the “lazy boy pool”, because it constantly has food entering the pool and its slow moving water and deep water cover requires little energy for fish to feed round the clock. It’s loved by lazy trout and they in turn grow big and fat. Despite the large numbers of trout the pool holds, angler won’t find it to be a cake walk for catching them. To have success in this pool you have to bring your A-game. The fish have grown wise to fly anglers and the glass calm and crystal clear water adds further to the overall challenge. Trout here, get to examine your flies for long periods and they regularly dish out more refusals than eats. It’s had Louis and I pulling our hair out on multiple occasions. If we need our ego’s checked, this is the perfect place for us to do that. It never fails to reminds us we are far from having it all figured out. The slightest mistake by an angler will send wakes across the water alerting all the trout in the pool, and when that happens, the fish get lock jaw.

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Saturday Shoutout / DIY Bonefishing: Inflatables

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If you want to fish where others can’t, pack an inflatable.

I get emails pretty regularly from anglers asking advice on DIY Bonefish trips. In addition to any specific info I might have I tell them all the same thing. “Get yourself a copy of Rod Hamilton’s book DIY Bonefishing.” There’s no better way to prepare yourself for a DIY trip.

One of the biggest challenges DIY bonefish anglers face is getting around the flats without a boat. Depending on the location, it can be really limiting. I have several friends who have addressed this issue with the use of inflatables. It’s an easy and affordable way to get on the water just about anywhere.

This great article on Inflatables, from Rod Hamilton’s site, gets into the details of traveling and fishing with a wide variety of inflatable boats and SUPs. If you are considering an inflatable, or a DIY bonefish trip, it’s well worth a read.


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New Sonic Pro HDZ waders from Redington

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“HDZ” as in Heavy Duty Zip-front.

Redington is no newcomer in the wader market. This year they have upped their game in terms of performance and durability with the Sonic Pro HDZ. A sharp looking wader with a laundry list of features and new beefy materials. Convenience, performance and durability, what else do you need in a wader?


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