Sunday Classic / 10 Tips For Spotting Permit

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PERHAPS THE LOFTIEST GOAL IN FLY FISHING IS CATCHING A PERMIT. Maybe it's not your thing but if there truly is a fish of ten-thousand casts, it's the permit. There is enough to catching permit to fill a bookshelf or magazine rack. It's a complicated game,...

Saturday Shoutout / Enter the Dragon

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Big still water trout feeding on dragonflies is every fly anglers dream. Soaring, midair eats, crushing rises and surface skimming super sips! What not to love about that. Check out the epic dragonfly action in Patagonia from our friends at Andes Drifters. If you’d like to experience...

Bob is Confident 

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THAT AQUASEAL IS JUST AWESOME! See more of Bob and the angling art of Andrea Larko on Etsy.


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By Jeff Hickman THE MOST COMMON FISHING PROBLEM I SEE AMONG SPEY FISHERS WHO CAN CAST WELL IS OVER CASTING. I refer to this plague as Speyitis. Just because you can cast all the way across the river doesn't mean that you should all the time. I...

Tight Quarters Trout Fishing

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(Watch our video that demonstrates this scenario) If you've been fly fishing for a while, you've probably become pretty proficient at dropping your dry flies in tight quarters to catch trout that are either tucked in under foliage or holding tight to an undercut bank. What...